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Son (22) with schizophrenia

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Re: Son (22) with schizophrenia

Quick wave @Grasshopper3

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Re: Son (22) with schizophrenia

Hello @Grasshopper3 @Darcy @Shaz51


How are things in your worlds?


How are Mrs Grasshopper and Mr Colgate....I hope that things are smoothing out a little more for you both....

When son's world becomes more bearable...your world will ease with it as you know grasshopper...

thinking of you

take care

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Re: Son (22) with schizophrenia

Hello lovely forum people @Darcy@Sophia1@Shaz51@Faith-and-Hope@Appleblossom


All's well, we're rolling along. It's funny how nature takes control sometimes. 

I have been taken quite a bit of carers leave, an hour here and there to take my son to his appointments. My work is very demanding and we are forever understaffed. I have asked for a regular day off so I dont have to run around as much and use this day for all appointments and tests. This was refused for obvious reasons. 

Then I did my back in, it just happend.... It was lucky we only had one appointment to go to that week, I was in agony driving him there, couldnt even put my socks on! 

I'm getting much better now and eventhough I was in pain, it was lovely staying home with my son...

He made me cups of tea and even cooked a meal.

He was complaining about a sore neck for ages, and I thought I get him an appoinment with a chiropractor. I showed him how to get there (he can walk it 20 mins from home)

and he has been going there twice a week and he says it's money well spend!

I have been trying to get in contact with the NDIS local coordinator to see if this can be put in his plan as he can now freely move his neck and he feels so much better. 

I have left several messages with NDIS but nothing heard back yet.

Anyone have any experiences with making a chiropractor part of their NDIS plan?





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Re: Son (22) with schizophrenia



pleased to hear that life has taken another turn....


you are receiving some overdue rest...even though as a result of injured back...funny how we do not heed our own words and injury or illness eventually forces us into ...that elusive word...


there is a ndis thread on the lived experience of the members has written an ongoing report on her trials and tribulations in gaining will find some extremely helpful information there...


You have great insight into how you liaise with your still see your real son....

keep in touch when you can Heart

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Re: Son (22) with schizophrenia

Hope things going ok in your worlds @Grasshopper3 @patientpatient